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    Mold is not always easy to identify as the human eye cannot always pick up on the sights of mold. However, service to test for mold or address the situation is vital as mold can grow quickly and widely spread within 24 to 48 hours. Understanding mold is tricky, as many facts are unknown. That is why at Lightning Water Damage, we take pride in ensuring our clients understand what there is to know about mold and how it can affect their property.

    What to Know About Mold

    There are thousands of types of mold and most are harmless. Mold can grow indoors and out and are attracted to moist environments. Mold is a fungus and when outdoors grows on plants and soil. However, mold can also attach itself to other materials such as plants, fabric, floors, ceilings, drywall, and food.

    This can be generally when mold can become more dangerous. Mold is sneaky and can enter your home through open doorways, cracks, vents, and heating and air conditioning systems. Mold produces spores that germinate and grow in areas of moisture.

    Building materials that are wet or samp can provide a comfortable place for mold to reside and flourish. This can be threatening to a building as it potentially can ruin the structure and lead to health issues. As mold can grow within 24 to 48 hours, it only takes that long to cause a bigger issue. When you notice mold, it’s necessary to act fast as time is everything and continuous delayed response will only lead to continuous growth.

    Our Remediation Approach

    At Lightning Water Damage, we address the issue thoroughly to ensure effective and preventative service. Our company takes pride in having all our trained technicians being nationally and state certified and licensed. Our services include a free evaluation and estimate of your property damage. We examine the environment of the building by using evasive and nonevasive moisture meters, infrared technology, and inner wall inspections with a borescope. Our contractor can efficiently repair the source to prevent further damage. Once the area has been examined and mold levels have been confirmed, we will quickly get to work.

    The first step to contain mold damage is to go straight to the source. Before remediation begins containment is necessary and our procedures will guarantee that mold will not cross-contaminate into other areas of your property. However, before officially getting to work and lowering mold levels, our team will perform a cleaning process for your personal items. We utilize a barcode and digital photographic inventory system for packing and cleaning of personal belongings. While we work to restore your property, your items will be safely stored in our warehouse facility until your property is fully restored.

    Once we identified the issues, Lightning and Restoration will provide expert mold remediation services, utilizing the latest technology and techniques. To get rid of the mold, we begin initially by scrubbing an antimicrobial cleanser directly to the infected area.

    Once the mold is gone, we will then apply an additional coat of antimicrobial to avoid future mold growth. We will then use a top of the line HEPA filter to aid in the additional removal of mold spores. The filter will also make it more mold to continue growing.

    We know that dealing with home insurance can be a lot of work in an overwhelming situation, that is why our friendly team will assist the property owner in filing a claim by working directly with the insurance company including the billing process.

    Types of Mold

    As mentioned, there are many types of mold. When coming across mold, you might not know how to identify what kind it might be, but here are indicators to be aware of. Mold can be easily identified by its color: green, blue, or black. The color to be the most careful of is black mold. Black mold is considered to be one of the most harmful types for human health.

    To determine which type of mold is on your property, you will want to call in an expert to properly test the area. At Lightning Water Damage, we properly test different parts of your property for mold. Mold is identified by our team collecting multiple samples. Once this is completed, within days we will be able to identify the type of mold in your home This is important so that the proper care and treatment of your home is properly completed.

    Mold is categorized into three types: allergenic, pathogenic, and toxigenic.


    Allergenic is the least harmful but can cause respiratory issues and trigger asthma.


    Pathogenic mold is a bit more harmful. If a person has known respiratory issues, they can be greatly affected by this mold. However, even healthy individuals can be impacted too.


    Lastly, there is toxigenic mold. This mold produces mycotoxins which are harmful chemicals. Generally, this toxin is present on mold spores and can be extremely harmful when inhaled, touched, or even ingested.

    Health Concerns

    The most concerning part about mold is that it can cause health issues. Those with weakened immune systems and healthy individuals can experience an escalation in health-related issues. Symptoms of mold exposure can confirm if mold is present even if you cannot visually see it.  Allergic reactions can occur when mold is present.

    Symptoms to look out for include a running nose, congestions, itchy eyes, skin rash, and fatigue. If mold is not addressed, these symptoms can gradually escalate and lead to additional concerns such as asthma attacks.

    Checking for Mold

    Some areas of your home can be more susceptible to mold than others. Common places to find mold are areas that attract the most moisture. These areas can include bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, etc. Mold is commonly found in walls, sink areas, toilets, and exterior parts of pipes. Mold can hide in a few areas, and while you might not be able to always spot mold, there are a few places to check. Other hidden places to check that might be more noticeable are shower heads, shower curtains, and other bottles that stay in your shower. Mold can grow anywhere, which is why it is important to have a ventilation system in the areas most vulnerable to mold. For example, while bathing, it is common for the bathroom to fill with steam or leak out of the tub. Without a proper ventilation system, mold spores can thrive in the moisture, resulting in a massive issue. Installing ventilation systems is great preventative care and decreases the chances of a mold issue.

    Air Conditioning and heating systems provide comfort for a building, but if not managed correctly can result in a mold issue. When it is time to turn on the air conditioner in the summer, consider calling in an expert to inspect your air conditioner and provide maintenance as needed. Likewise, during the winter when it gets a bit chilly outside, ensure your heating system is properly maintained so that leaks are not likely to occur. Checking vents regularly for mold growth is also a preventative way to decrease the possibilities of mold growth. Regular inspection can even catch the early stages of mold growth. Early treatment can cause less of a concern and headache for building owners.

    Lastly, common places for mold to grow include the attic and basement. Generally, these are the areas where you will find your ventilation and insulation systems. As mentioned, regular inspection and maintenance of your systems will result in a less likely chance of mold.

    How to Prevent Mold

    A preventative way to ensure your home is free from mold is by completing frequent inspections. Since mold is attracted to damp areas, if you recently experienced minor water damage that was unaddressed by a professional, it is advised to check the area thoroughly as growth can appear.

    To avoid leakages that can result in mold growth, ensure your water systems are adequately maintained. If flooding has occurred in your home, mold can grow if certain materials such as carpet, couches, and wood are damped. Consider removing the furniture to avoid mold growth and additional attachment to non-damaged areas.

    Calling in a professional is also necessary to examine the premises thoroughly. If you see mold visibly in one area of your home, do not ignore it. Mold can easily spread and grow. What seems like a minor mold issue can turn into a massive costly repair.

    Mold Removal Tactics to Avoid

    When you come across mold, it is important to call an expert to ensure that the mold levels have been significantly reduced and are not a threat to your property. Common tactics to fix mold include paint and bleach. Cleaning mold with bleach can double the amount of mold. Bleach is efficient in killing mold, but not mold spores. Bleach can cause mold spores to double as it is attached to moisture. Since bleach is 90 percent water, this tactic is not a wise solution. Similarly, covering the mold with paint does not get rid of the mold. Using paint to cover up mold will double the work on your end and cause a bigger delayed issue. Mold will eat its way through mold while also spreading thanks to the wetness of paint. Not only will the mold reappear, but it will gradually spread to other areas since it was left untreated.

    Benefits of a Dehumidifiers

    • Dehumidifiers are an essential part of our mold restoration process.
    • This product is great in detecting and absorbing mold spores, especially in an environment susceptible to mold. For example, humidity thrives here in Florida and the weather is a perfect recipe for mold.
    • Moisture can sneak into your home from about anywhere. From cracks in the walls to open doors, and window seals, moisture can find its way into your home.
    • If you are an indoor plant owner, moisture from your plants can also result in mold. Using a dehumidifier will ease any anxiety surrounding mold concerns and can be placed anywhere.
    • Dehumidifiers can also assist with eliminating allergies, protecting belongings from moist environments, removing unpleasant odors, and improving air quality.

    Why Choose Lightning Water Damage

    When choosing Lightning Water Damage, you are guaranteed to be in great hands. Our clients are a priority to us, and that is why we pride ourselves on being dependable, honest, and trustworthy. We understand that the mold removal process can be highly stressful. That is why throughout the restoration process, our clients’ comfort is the highest priority. Clients can expect honest and clear communication about what needs to occur in order for their house to be back to normal.

    In emergency situations, those in the surrounding Tampa Bay area can expect quick service from experts that care about saving their property and positions before the damage escalates. Mold growth can be inconvenient and result in your life taking a quick 360. That is why we aim to work accurately and to waste no time so that clients can go back to their daily routine in no time.

    We provide fast and dependable service 24-hours a day to Tampa Bay, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Hernando Counties. We pledge to resolve the mold issue quickly. Choose Lightning Water Damage, and enjoy service that you can rely on.

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