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    Lightning Water Damage is committed to providing the highest quality mitigation service, with advanced technology, exceptional customer service and professional integrity.

    Have you ever experienced water damage before but cleaned it up yourself? If so, there might be a possibility that the damage is still lingering and is causing other potentially detrimental effects on your property. If you do not address water damage right away, the aftermath can be even more devastating. This unaddressed issue can result in personal belongings being permanently damaged. Another unfortunate result is the growth of mold thriving and spreading throughout your property.

    That is why at Lightning Water Damage, we are committed to providing the highest quality restoration services to minimize the effects of water damage and help save your most prized possessions. Our team of trained and licensed technicians will help you sort through damaged possessions and find the source of the water damage if it is unknown.

    If you are waiting for service and are unsure where the source is coming from, ensure that you turn on your property water to avoid extra spillage, and turn off the electricity to keep everyone safe.

    Treating Affected Areas

    When water damage occurs, it can be tempting to want to clean up what you can while waiting for service to arrive. Most commonly, some think that putting on portable or ceiling fans will help the restoration process. However, this can make the effects of water damage worse as mold spores can spread.

    Upon arrival, our company will examine the affected area and thoroughly examine the best way to proceed. With all water damage situations whether severe or minor, the goal is always to remove the water. In the situation where water damage is deep and severe, we will remove the water by using submersible pumps that will transport the water outside. Once we have gotten the water to sufficient and low levels and the pump can no longer pick up the water alone, we will use brooms and squeegees to push the water towards the pump.

    To ensure accuracy, we will remove the remaining water with a wet vacuum. Now that 90 percent of the water has now been removed, dehumidification heating units will be stored to help evaporate residual water. A dehumidifier dries out the floors and walls of the affected areas by removing the moisture in carpet and wood areas. Dehumidifiers help remove dampness from the air and are great uses to avoid future water damage possibility by lowering humidity levels and soaking up moisture. This machine also helps eliminate the chances of mold growth as well.

    Did the Water Damage Cause Mold?

    Mold is a type of fungi that is present everywhere indoors and outdoors, but heavy amounts of mold are unhealthy and unsafe. When water damage occurs, it can take 24 to 48 hours for mold to grow. In this short period, mold can begin latching itself to different belongings in your building and spreading.

    Mold can especially grow quickly in humid areas like Tampa, Florida where the weather is more humid. The fungi can be found about anywhere, especially in places that tend to be damper than others, such as restrooms, laundry rooms, basements, attics, and kitchens. Generally, more visible mold can be seen growing on interior spaces such as walls and sinks. However, most mold is not always visible to the human eye.

    Mold can grow in carpets and other flooring, pipes, air conditioning, and heater systems, roofs, and more. When mold is found by a property owner, it generally is unable to fully and effectively be removed without help from an expert. Some do-it-yourself mold cleaning tactics are not exactly a solid solution to prevent mold from coming back.

    Some property owners might come across the mold and think it is an easy fix. When you come across mold, do not paint over it. A coat of paint does not get rid of the issue and will only make your troubles worse. Mold can eat its way through the paint and will eventually show up again. The moisture aspect of paint can even attract more mold, making it spread further into your building. Another tactic to avoid is using bleach. Although bleach can be effective in some clean-up situations, it is not for all. Bleach can kill mold, but it cannot kill mold spores. Like paint, using beach can be the opposite of effective as mold spores can attach themselves onto the moisture and continue spreading. When you have any suspected issues of mold after water damage, only trained professionals can address the issue before the effects become overwhelming.

    If you expect mold to be present in your house, but cannot visibly view it, call for help. Not only will unaddressed mold cause further issues with your property, but it can also impact the health of others. Certain symptoms might arise when mold is present. Common symptoms include an allergic reaction to those sensitive to the fungi. Continuous symptoms of congestion, sore throat, itchy eyes, raches, and fatigue can indicate that mold is present. Those with previously known health conditions and weakened immunity are the ones most likely to feel the effects of mold. Do not let this issue linger. Waiting to address the issue or trying to figure it out alone, can result in serious reactions such as asthma attacks.

    Lastly, if you view any mold present in certain sections or rooms of your house, seal those rooms off until help arrives. Consider also turning off your property’s water until you get the green light from a trained technician to turn it back on. As mold can grow rapidly in only 24-hours, sealing off certain areas infected by mold can help prevent the spread, protect your property, and protect those with respiratory issues. The best way to ensure mold is addressed and removed is by calling Lightning Water Damage to inspect and aid in sealing off infected areas to keep you safe. Our company will also help you get the mold removed from damaged furniture if it can be saved.


    Unfortunately, when it comes to water damage, in extreme situations where there has been a massive flood or the damage has been gradual, removing infected areas can be necessary. Demolition may not always be necessary but can be a part of a successful water damage restoration process. Potentially infected products that might need to be removed are carpets, wood, drywall, and potentially unsealed cement.

    If these materials experience water damage, the only way to ensure future damage and issues to your property is by removing them. When carpets, wood, or furniture have been soaking in water, these absorbent pieces can cause fungal infestation. Mildew or even mold can appear, and keep in mind that mold grows at a faster pace. If the water damage has been present for a few days, it is already likely that these types of funguses have already grown. These materials must be removed quickly so that mold does not grow.

    At Lightning Water Damage, we have the right tools, equipment, and certified technicians to complete this job. We hold integrity and honestly, in providing our clients the comfort of knowing that the services we complete are 100% necessary, and we will avoid services that are not. We will work quickly to remove wet and damaged materials such as plaster, flooring, drywall, molding, and more so that you do not have to worry about future issues.

    Avoiding Water Damage

    • Although not all water damage is preventable, such as situations where flooding occurs due to hurricane weather and other damp conditions, there are a few tactics that can help prevent water damage from other sources. Preventative care is something that everyone is capable of. Water damage can come from interior sources such as pipes, washing machine water supply, air conditioning, and heater unit systems.
    • To prevent water damage from occurring due to pipes, ensure that your pipes are ready for winter and properly maintained. Cold temperature can cause pipes to rupture as temperature shifts occur. Ensuring indoor temperatures are kept at adequate levels can avoid massive temperature shifts. Sealing cracks and other openings found in attics, basements, and windows can also protect your pipes by preventing a draft from altering temperature levels. By taking these steps and maintaining your pipes, you can minimize the chances of pipe leaks and breaks.
    • Did you know that water damage can come from your air conditioner or heating system? These systems produce condensation that is initially supposed to flow down the system's drain line to avoid a buildup of moisture. However, the drain line can be clogged with dirt if the units are not properly maintained or installed. This can lead to a build-up in the drainage system. Furthermore, heating systems can leak if the system has a lot of pressure internally. Easily avoid water damage by air conditioning and heating systems by annually inspecting them each year. It is recommended to call in a certified technician for this, as they can catch issues with your systems easier and more efficiently through thorough inspections.
    • Another common way water damage can occur is through your laundry room. Within a matter of minutes, your laundry room can be flooded without warning. Leaks in your laundry room can occur when your water lines are attached by rubber or PVC supply lines. Generally, these lines are not durable and are vulnerable to wear-outs and ruptures. It is recommended that you replace the rubber or PVC waterline with a stainless steel option. Stainless steel is more durable and provides a decreased chance of water leakage.

    Take Action

    Water damage can be an overwhelming issue and experience that can quickly turn your world upside down. When it comes to water damage in small-scale situations, although it might seem like you can clean up the damage alone, still call in a trained professional to inspect the area.

    This will avoid a bigger situation from outbreaking in your home that can potentially lead to worsening results. If your situation is on a grander scale, such as a gradual water damage situation due to pipes or even flooding, trust who you will call to help you out.

    However, there are small ways that you can prevent water damage from occurring in your home, take preventative action to save yourself from a potentially overwhelming situation. If you catch water damage early enough, call Lightning Water Damage.

    Our company will act quickly before your situation becomes out of hand. Be comfortable will who you call for help and trust that at Lightning Water Damage, that your best interest is our top priority.

    Why Choose Lightning Water Damage

    As a property owner, you want to ensure that who works for you is dependable, honest, and trustworthy. Here at Lightning Water Damage, we take pride in our services that best suit and serve our clients. Our clients are our top priority and through the restoration process, their comfort and safety are our top concern. In an emergency, quick service is essential to help save the property and other belongings before the effects worsen and mold begins to grow. Lives can be greatly disturbed when it comes to water damage. Residents might find themselves having to rent a hotel room or stay with a friend when their home is restored to its original stance. Our company provides quick service so that you can be back in your home in no time.

    We provide fast and dependable 24-hour service to the Tampa Bay area, including Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Hernando Counties. Our trained professionals move quickly to resolve the situation in a fast manner, making your recovery as easy as possible.

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